Why Renting a Wedding Yacht Is Better Than Buying

Why Renting a Wedding Yacht Is Better Than Buying

Chartering a yacht here in Singapore provides better value for your money than buying one outright.

Yachts can be a money pit. Unless you have a huge cash flow on a yearly basis, you may want to consider the consequences of buying a yacht more carefully.

Wedding is already a big cost, hence when you think about a Singaporean wedding yacht chartering, it is best to think thrice before wanting to buy. Once, we have a friend that insisted on buying, only to end up in mountains of debts.

For you to buy a yacht in Singapore, you will not only have to spend a lot of money at the purchase, but also on insurance premiums for your vessel. Fees will also have to be paid for the maintenance of the vessel. Maintenance of a yacht can be quite expensive, because the vessel mechanics are much more complicated. When something needs replacing, you need to have the cash ready to buy a new part, which may need to be imported from another country.

You will also be required to pay for storage fees. Mooring your yacht by the local marina will not be free. Are you sure that you want to keep on paying the high fees?

In order for your yacht to remain habitable, you also need to clean it on a regular basis. Unless you are unnaturally strong and have unlimited reserves of energy, cleaning is something that you will have to outsource. The services will not come cheap though, which means more money from your pocket.

Why Renting a Wedding Yacht Is Better Than Buying

If you choose to employ a number of employees to keep your yacht up and running in peak condition, you will have to pay them the going rate in Singapore. It does not matter whether your business is doing badly or not. The people who work for you need to be paid regardless. If cash flow is a problem, then expect a yacht that you own to push you to bankruptcy.

Why Renting a Wedding Yacht Is Better Than Buying

Renting is the best option for you if you love a wedding on the waters and if you are not using it on a regular basis. By paying for a yacht rental, you will be able to use the yacht without having to deal with the upkeep fees. The yacht rental company will deal with the storage, maintenance, and employee salary headaches. After all, the yacht does not belong to you.


wedding tips

Useful Tips To Plan Your Wedding

When planning for wedding, there are plenty of things that should be considered to make the events exciting and memorable in one’s life.


Consider an approximate number of guest that you wish to invite before considering the issue of the venue to create ample space for your visitors.

As per the rule of thumb, ensure you create a space about 25 square feet per guest. Ensure that you make a master list of your guest and prioritize some of them.

wedding tips

Also be ready that about 30% of the guest may not turn up. Ensure that there is enough space for the tables, the band, bustling waiters and dance floor. Go for the venue that meet all the above requirements

We see quite a bit of guests not turning up too. Feels disappointing, but well, we can’t control them.


  • Make sure that your wedding does not fall on the day that there will be other events like charity walk, trade conference or other events which are local.
  • Such events may affect hotel room availability and bring about traffic jam on the day of the wedding which may be stressing.


  • Ensure that there will be plenty different meals such that meals offered to guest is different from that offered to the vendors.
  • Ensure you inform you caterers in advance the number of visitors and vendors that you expect and what you want to be served to them
  • To vendors choose a meal that is less expensive but hearty to lower down the cost of meal.


  • Ensure you make notes during meetings and compile them together with tear sheets or photos from magazines which you want your vendors to see.
  • Create a wedding email address and get all important vendors cell phones numbers to enhance communication


  • Ensure you have a planning schedule for the wedding and tackle the activities one by one in an orderly manner.
  • Avoid hiring any vendor before confirming the date of wedding.
  • Ensure you first of all envision your flowers before designing the cake.
  • Book the band after you settle on space


  • Book the venue of wedding after confirming the date of the wedding.
  • Booking the venue in last minute can enable you save a lot since you will be having more bargaining power.

we like some special wedding decorations on our hands.

Other things to consider include the hotels that are satisfactory, how to obtain the marriage license and the rules of the ground where the wedding will be conducted. All these considerations will require you to classify you cash budget in order to meet them and make the wedding as expected.

We know there are a lot of making sure to do, but that is the only thing you really need to get your wedding to go smoothly. Do have a checklist and make sure that everything is well planned.

We couldn’t stress more than to make sure everything is all right for a smooth wedding.